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You say and I totally agree: "For data to be valuable to you as a Best Practice, it needs to use findings from industries, companies, financial profiles and talent profiles that are similar to your own. Otherwise, how could you responsibly predict that another's practices would have a beneficial impact on your own organization." And there are other considerations as well.

Since it would require monumental effort to ID such companies and they would be few and far between ---- I say there is no such thing as BP.

The only BP is what is BP for your company.

Jacque, I don't think I'd go that far. I think there's lots to be learned from other companies. I wish more of our colleagues would be more curious about what their neighbors are doing and why. But I'm with you on the practical side of this -- using other's success to predict your own involves a deep analytic dive that doesn't happen as often as needed.

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