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Excellent lesson, Dan. Lebron James doesn't try to be just like all the other players, does he? He tries to be better than his rivals. So do those other "top rated" enterprises. You can't get ahead by following the crowd. Do extraordinary things that inspire competitors to imitate you, instead.

Great analogy! Company's have to stop playing follow the leader and learn how to take their own lead.

We have to innovate, not replicate if we want to win.

I think it is especially important not to follow the leder when it is simply impossible to do so. While it is great (and entertaining) to learn what the "best" companies have done, it is far more important to understand why they did it and how the they made their decisions. Understanding the strategy and process may lead your company to a completely different, but just as relevant solution.

Love the post and love your additional comment, Dan. There is a reason we want to know what these companies are doing, even if it is out of reach or not appropriate for our own company. The why and the how they got there can be of great value to address our own company's challenges with a more applicable solution. Thanks!

Thanks Brandi.
I would love it if more industry events focused on the how and why rather than on the what and when.

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