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Another excellent analogy, Dan! Unfortunately, the lower extremities are ruled by the head at the top of the body. Despite the obvious truth of your observations, that head must be removed from another organ located in the midsection before rewards will ever become more sensibly allocated.


I agree that both the upper and lower extremities are controlled by the head. This is why the Board, the executive compensation professionals and the broad-based compensation professionals always need to work together.


"Convincing management that the rank and file should receive a bigger percentage raise than the executive is even less fun."

I wonder if we are making our jobs more difficult by trying the tough sell approach. Why not figure out what matters to management, and frame our recommendations in light of the easy sell.

Its not hard to get folks to acknowledge that:
1) Not all retention is of equal import
2) Direct managers are in the best informed position to determine which employees are key to retain

So, it should be an easy(er) pitch to recommend
1) providing managers with tools for making better informed decisions
2) empowering managers with more discretion in the compensation planning process


I agree that your approach should result in an easier and more productive decision. But, the process itself (determining the benefits, communicating these in terms that relate back to management in a meaningful way, (explaining how the new program will be rolled out, executed and managed long-term etc.) can be very difficult if you have not done it before and/or if you are swamped with many other criticall tasks and projects. The effort is, at times, so huge )in reality or perception) that many in the HR and Compensation world give up before they start.

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