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Thanks for picking that classic for reprint, Ann.

In a profession consumed with numbers, it is all too easy for us to forget that feelings are as important as facts. Every principle of active listening and conflict resolution involves sensitivity to emotions and open sharing of feelings. Such behaviors do not always come easily to compensation types. It is important to recognize that success in this "hard" discipline requires engagement in "soft" processes.

I think we can all agree that trust, a deeply felt emotion, is in limited quantities at the moment. Whether this has been directly caused by anything your organization may have done does not matter. You have to deal with the reality of the views and opinions of your employees. If you don't know how to deal with mistrust, or how to build a culture of trust, it might be time to start a Google search. Trust starts with acceptance of where the other person is coming from and careful listening -- in other words, on the person-to-person level which you influence every day.

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