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Hello Jacque!!!

As the King said to the composer when doing a 'performance review' on a new piece of music, "Too many notes, Mr. Mozart".

The rules and regulations impacting the modern work relationship are 'closing in' on what it was like during my time in the US Army. I had to 'park' my brain at the door and just focus on all the conflicting orders and regulations that defined for me in great detail how to 'dress right and cover down' properly.

I read your post three times and must say I am confused. Perhaps that is why the US Army made me an officer????? With guys like me in charge it is a wonder we exist as a military power in the world.

Jay ----

I would be concerned about anyone who did understand! Very, very few laws stand alone --- there are amendments that stack up over time with some even contradicting each other. It's a patchwork quilt. No wonder companies complain about regulations.

I would love to see the federal government (actually state and local too) go through zero-based budgeting. Have each employment law reviewed with its string of amendments and end up with either no bill at all or one document that is clearly written.

I doubt that will happen --- there is just not enough time to do it. Politicians' stated terms of office are actually half that because the other half is taken up with campaigning.

I'm waiting with bated breath to see what will happen with McDonalds. If it is decided they are indeed a joint employer all "heck" will break loose.

Thanks for the latest head-spin moment, Jacque! After this goes into effect, I may stop at my local Shell station with its convenience shop, Subway sandwich section and Domino's pizza station. Will ask who they work for now. Wonder if the minions get to choose the highest paying as the dominant employer?

What fun that would be for employees! As I said the devil's in the details and there is lots that need to be resolved.

Clearly, the more details, the more devils.

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