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Probabilities to one side. I have never met, to say nothing of 'knowing', a person who was famous, creative, and socially perfectly adjusted, other than you Jim.

THAT is how many standard deviations from the mean?????

Can't recognize myself in that most extreme description, I must say. But I do know better than to contradict a living monument in our field. ;-) Thanks, Jay.

Ann may want to contact Bob Greene. I just saw a draft of an article "Branding the Organization, The Role of Strategy" that could be abstracted for Compensation Cafe. His work is challenged in depth and knowledge only by your own wonderful stuff.

To be honest with you, I have struggled with the last few posts. I must be too old to grasp such advanced stuff my friend!!!!! I remember when the best reward designs were those that linked people and organizations by shared goals. When is a book on compensation by Bernie Sanders coming out? Must be in the works????

Suspect he may be too busy right now, Jay, but he might have time for that next year. I don't recall him having any management experience outside of political posts or showing any interest in compensation beyond the equitable distribution of income. Of course, such shortcomings have not deterred other writers from telling us our business.

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