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Everything depends on your perspective, Chris. Remembering gasoline at 11 cents, a $1.15 minimum wage, new cars at $2K, new houses costing $15K and inflation see-sawing from 13% to 3%, it is hard not to get confused ... or to feel numb. "Numbly confused" maybe?

Think about the contrasts you have seen, then picture what your grandparents remembered from their experiences when THEY were your age. Wow! When my relatively fresh "only yesterday" memories are ancient history to kids reaching voting/draft age today, how can we find a common "reality" for compensation motivation?


WorldatWork recommends that we use larger fonts and bold print to make pay increases appear larger than they are when we communicate them to employees.

FUNNY! What does SHRM suggest? Using skywriters to announce increases? Rejoice at the employee-friendly work environment: "The beatings will continue until morale improves."

Only marginally on-topic, but my recollection from back then was that the soft drinks came in MUCH smaller bottles than they do today, and a standard hamburger was about the size of the smallest and cheapest offering at present-day Mickey D's.

Right, Tony, but the prices then were unbelievable by today's standards. Ten-cent cokes and fifteen-cent burgers. People were not as "super-sized", either, although I remember returning home after some years overseas being negatively impressed at the body fat levels of Americans. Things do change, including context.

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