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I got lost in your rhetoric. You have an important point. Can you state your theme in a couple of sentences please so I am clear.

'It's to a nonprofit organization's benefit to make their entire "value proposition" more specific from recruiting onward.'

It appears like you overlooked a major positive in the non-profit's EVP---job security. My experience is that this has great appeal after the recent recession.

Your post struck me as written by someone who's maybe not worked in a nonprofit. Because of the assumed buy-in to mission, you're expected to work as hard as or even harder than corporate to "prove" your support. In fact, I'd assert that support of the mission is even a stronger point of competition for non-profit staff. Working your butt off for what you know is less pay when your skill set is at least equal to those in the corporate sector is where the real fairness judgment comes into play. I think non-profit folks get the Total Rewards value proposition. It just doesn't seem like much sometimes.

Agree. It is generally well understood by employees and the organization's recruiters, etc.

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