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"Then legislators pass new laws to criminalize "unfairness" and make our jobs ever harder!"

Of course, if it was easy, anyone could do it, and then where would we be? What we justly decry as citizens nonetheless fills our rice bowls.

And THAT, ultimately, is why an enormous and intrusive government apparatus is so dangerous - it creates all of these incentives for corruption (both overt and implicit), regulatory capture, and lawfare against your rivals.

Tony makes an unfortunately accurate point. Perverse incentives cobweb us all.

Oh, and while I'm at it, here's a shocker for Equal Pay Day....

Thanks, Tony. Form 990s, while technically open to the public, are still difficult (without certain subscriptions) to search out easily. That is the most current one filed by that foundation and released by IRS TE-GE storage HQ in Ogden UT. Unsure why that black box was stuck over the bottom corner of the first page, because it only covered up a PTIN and the CPA firm's phone number. The fun stuff appears in the details of wages, "hours worked" and contractor payments disclosed in those records.

Virtually every politician sets up a similar foundation or charity. It is how they subsidize their favored key aides between campaign seasons, reward helpful contributors via contractor arrangements and move money through a cutout very unlikely to ever be audited. I could tell you stories ....

I know that I am taking the slacker way out but it's easier conversation with these legislation in play to explain to mangers why Bob (white male) fresh out of college shouldn't be paid the same as Ben (who happens to be a minority) who has 5 years of experience. It also gives them a pause in making pay adjustment decisions instead of taking the easy way out of 'We'll just pay them ALL $40k". You fresh grad and your 15 year veteran? There lies path to madness...

Yes, Jules, it has been said that having a gun pointed at your head does intensively focus your attention. Asking the offending manager to explain their logic, using the Socratic method, might take longer but would probably lead them to actually realize their error. Self-correction is always more effective than external compulsion. You only learn what you teach yourself.

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