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Good time for this update, Derek. As I recall from the background research for my initial Pay for Nothing article, the only place broad expansion of EITC or UBI was realistically tested (in Canada), it was a tremendous but quiet success. Living Wage issues continue to plague more "socialist" UK and France, so I expect more such innovation to take place there than here. The concept is foreign to most American value systems. Of course, England once had debtors' prisons, so attitudes can change anywhere.

This is unlikely to ever happen in the US. Basic Income is little more than a base level of welfare. Rather than give people the money to spend, you could argue that the government could simply make the "basics" free.

The idea of this occurring in a developed country, for any broad range of people, without a fully socialist or communist government seems pretty darned unlikely.

If Basic Income is put in place what's to stop landlords from raising rents and pushing renters to work to earn more than basic income to live?

Seems like it may have to lead to some type of government supported housing. I would expect any pilot program to get very different results than if it were adopted broadly.

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