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Be aware of fads, consider them for their intrinsic value, sometimes they have benefits. Some people frown on fads, only because they have not thought of them first. Good post, Stephanie.

Stephanie is right. Never found the "best" to be that most widely advertised by enterprises with direct financial interests in what they recommend; especially when their business models are based on marketing assertions that lack objective confirmation. Even modal practices (those most frequently encountered) are typically inferior to "the best" -- the positive outliers.

Consequently, firms with immense sales expense budgets but tiny (if any) research costs tend to flog their product/service as "best." Slick pitch-makers trust that many will not check past the adjectives. Comp people are supposed to be researchers who follow facts rather than rely on unsupported claims. We can do better, by investigating options and not blindly imitating others. Followership guarantees mediocrity at best.

Enjoyed this post. I've often cringed at the suggestion to improve a plan or program simply by following survey norms or best practices...each company is different and what makes sense for one does not always make sense for others. Company culture, industry, stage of business maturity - all these things need to be considered before adopting a change or implementing something new.

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