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I really liked this article for a host of reason, not the least of which because I gleaned a public mention - or perhaps better said, a mention by proxy, through the past sage wisdom of my father.

On a more serious note, this article appealed to me because it represented a target-rich environment of behavioral "hot buttons" that we can all be pushing (or avoiding), if we just force ourselves to be a little more cognizant of them.

Do you imply, Chris, that we total reward professionals fail to avail ourselves of the full range of all the myriad tools at our disposal? I'm shocked. Shocked!

Draw your own (self-evident) conclusion - because you'll most likely be right . . .

A great post, Jim.

I'll note that sometimes managers and even HR tend to get caught up in trying to use compensation as a tool to invoke the 'good' high-end behavioral reaction. "If we just pay so-and-so more, then surely they'll be more enthusiastic to work here and they'll be more engaged!" Yet this seldom works as intended and is not a recipe for success.

By the way, I thought that was a nice call-out (even if by proxy) to the "comp-father," Chris Dobyns. It's a sure way to get comments to a post!

Thanks, Joe. People do tend to advocate whatever reinforcement consequence technique they personally value most. So ... which of your relatives should I cite in my next post? ;-)

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