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You hit the main points on the nose.

Keep saying it, Chuck! Those who do not pay for performance get something less than they desire for their money. People are employment investments, requiring care, consideration and responsible treatment.

Hi chuck, agree with you but i have a question, i think rewards have to go with the result of the company and nowadays the results aré not always as expected so... If results aré not the best but the employees gives theirs best Also if the results aré because an outside non controlable variable the employer have to think in a forgiveness to not affect motivation?.

Great article and well said!

The Mental Health Commission of Canada, the Great West Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace and the Canada Standards Association, have identified 13 areas of risk where employers can actually cause mental or psychological harm to their employees. Reward and recognition is one of these areas where employers can exert a huge influence, either positively or negatively, on their employees. Read more about this risk factor and the 12 others here, www.guardingmindsatwork.ca

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