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Weren't there a number of studies that showed "engaged" workers more likely to speak up and to quit if their dissatisfactions were not addressed?

I liked this Classic, only because I've been a big advocate of communicating with employees. I also liked the three options approach. I'm not sure I felt like I would be able to differentiate the engaged from the malcontents, based on the guidance to "listen to the intent behind their words". That still left me wishing for a secret handshake, a sign/counter-sign, or maybe one of those mechanical "crickets" to better separate the good guys from the bad guys.

I guess I've always "grouped" folks by whether the complaint and the suggested mitigation had a broader, positive impact on the larger organization. That's been a indication (for me) of the engaged employee(s). Complaints whose mitigation sounded a little bit too self-serving (or which offered no mitigation), seemed to be more representative of the malcontents.

Admittedly, a secret handshake would make identification easier . . .

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