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Chuck, one issue I continually wrestle with is the accountability factor associated with individual STI SMART goals/targets. It seems to me that the individual should have full ("primary" vs "shared"?) control over the outcome of agreed upon SMART goals/targets. If any of the weighted targets have outcomes that are dependent on the contributions of one or more other players, shouldn't we now start to consider "team" vs individual rewards? How far down from the top of the organization is it realistic to apply individual STI successfully?

I would agree that an employee should have primary accountability for those objectives assigned - be it through individual effort or leading a staff toward accomplishing a goal. However, the "shared" accountability of a team (a bunch of equals) is usually left outside the executive STI, as resulting performance evaluations can be murky and assessments not geared toward the individual's personal effort.

You CAN have team objectives within an STI, but that's only effective if a broad everyone-gets-the-same-rating is agreed upon upfront. IMHO, pushing individually oriented STI lower into the organization than the Director level (or equivalent) should have the plan designers including less Corporate results and more team results. But it's a complicated situation that can't be satisfactorily clarified in a brief comment section .

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