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Thanks Jim. This restores my faith in my preferred answers to bosses and clients who are almost always in a hurry in search of quick and easy 'one best way' answers: it depends, or it's more complicated than it seems.

Yes you said it, it's a jungle out there: our world of rewards. It is good to remind us that the rewards 'jungle' is not only in emerging, developing, newly independent, or conflict zones of the world (in which some of us now ply our trade ).

Only the diligent survive.

Thanks once again.

Now back to my jungle tasks for the day: preparing promotional materials on practitioner skill-building sessions (training seminars and worshops) for very a spasmodically distributed, squeamish, sensitive, .... target audience in the third quarter of an election year when the economy has seen massive challenges, including continuation of long unannounced power cuts, amidst the usual (and unusual) political noises, drama, song and dance, facial expressions (we have ours too), and sundry distractions....

You have my sincere respect, E.K., for your consistent ability to keep a clear head amid such chaos as I could not imagine surviving. No matter how many differences appear in other areas, management problems and task interference issues seem rather universal, don't they?

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