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Well said, Stephanie!

I think your absolutely right here. However, the other piece of this is managing the existing gaps prior to the law change from those already hired. The companies do know the salary history and the gap won't go away without a targeted effort to close the differences. This is where the "nothing worth doing is ever easy" potentially becomes this is way too expensive to do for the business to absorb, we can handle this through merit process (perpetually prolonging this issue), etc. Without this, it seems the best way to get fairly paid is to find a new job...wonder if turnover rates increase in Mass as result...

Hi Tom -
Thanks for the comment. I agree that managing existing gaps is an important piece of the puzzle, and is likely to be a bigger challenge for employers. It can be a very expensive process, and there's no easy or "cheap" way to do this. You may be right that finding a new job may be the answer for many people, thus creating a different kind of problem for employers...
It will be interesting to see what happens to turnover rates - look for a future CompCafe post on this!

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