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Stimulating post on a complex issue, Chuck! Well done.

It seems that becoming an effective change agent is as much art as science. Since insiders always huddle together for security to resist outsiders, any idea not originating with the key decision makers faces a tough battle. Acceptance of a proposal for change will be vastly improved if they agree that the hazard of inaction is undeniably overwhelming, time is of the essence and the change advantages are great. Even, better, if it appears to be THEIR idea which you merely facilitated.

I agree with Jim. The business case is the one and only way to support your reasoning. Three cheers for this piece of work. It is 'So Un-HR' that I love it to death.

Thanks for a reminder of approaches that did not work...I had to chuckle about the ”right thing to do"...as if I was at Ben and Jerry's and trying to sell my ideas to a Sander's supporting member of the BOD...and yes, I did try that with a BOD once...but never a second time.

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