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I've never had the luxury of having a professional "communications" person help me on drafting compensation matters to be sent to all employees. The majority of comp people tend to be like the people that write instruction manuals ---- not clear at all to the average person.

Comp people, like many other professions, understand all the terminology and assume or are even unaware that employees will too.

Whenever I have to draft communications I have always had someone from outside the HR department read it and see if they think it is clear and understandable. Sometimes I have several people read it.

Nothing is worse than crafting a brilliant commuication piece . . . that no one understands!

Having another set of eyes review draft communications is always a great idea. It's also a great idea to have someone check your math on salary ranges or sales commissions.

But the blog was about more than accuracy or clarity. It's about having a more strategic approach to compensation communications.

Why focus on tactics when strategy is the best thing for your company? Research is clear -- effective communications is associated with higher Total Shareholder Return. Even small, private companies can achieve financial improvements.

If HR wants to play a role in achieving business results, communications support is no luxury. For the price of a salary survey, our readers can work with a trusted advisor who has faced problems just like theirs. They can easily learn about communications strategies that are effective -- spending their time and money with a clear return on investment.

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Who was that masked (wo)man?

I wish more companies put more emphasize on HR communication. What is the point of providing great employee resources and benefits if no one understand or knows about it. Just a little bit more cost but so worth it.

Thanks, Juliana, that it in a nutshell!

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Sometimes it is wise not to over-sell your company. There are usually companies that offer more and what you offer may exclude a group of employees from your "great brand."

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