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Your financial advisor probably doesn't understand what the attorney who wrote the legally-required (and therefore attorney-vetted) notice said either, Chuck. But he (since you specified a male) certainly knows what it MEANS, even though the clarity of the message was appropriately muddied by a solicitor. Bet that legal counsel earns a much higher salary for tangling words in order to avoid lawsuits. Transparency is dangerous, you know.

What Jim said.

Here's a statement no one has ever said:
"I have something I need people to understand, and it's a bit complicated. I need to find someone to boil it down, simplify it, and make it easier for the average person to understand. I guess I'll ask my lawyer."

And thank goodness. For more than 35 years, I've been one of the guys they call instead.

Corporate speak is one of the "monsters" that scare companies away from producing customer-oriented content. I blame the approval process, among other factors.

I contend, however, that a good writer, even if not a subject matter expert, is able to take a complex topic, along with the communication goals, and develop copy that is understood and conveys the right message.

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