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To bring up a real danger in many organizations...people imposing their values on their co-workers and underlings. It happens, especially in this politically charged and hate-filled society we live in.

Other times, the kind hearted and well-intentioned people assert themselves and it feels so good.

I was told by a priest once that Christ's main message was to be kind to others.

Thanks for your post. Very timely and on-point.


Well noted, Harold - especially in this particularly tense political season.

We could all certain use that lesson in kindness, couldn't we?

Thanks for your comment and kind words!

Misguided pay compression became the rule when the top executive of a leading national corporation refused to accept pay over $200,000 because he didn't need the money. But his officers did. Afraid to earn more than the CEO, they suffered extreme under-compensation for years. They paid subordinates two and three levels below more than they earned, accepting personal low incomes out of loyalty.

It required the intervention of an outside consultant to correct the situation, allowing the big boss's job value to be properly classified MUCH higher while allowing him to remain modestly paid, so his suffering COO and VPs could catch up.


Yikes. I've run into examples of this as well. The top executive doesn't appreciate or understand the impact this has - not only immediately and directly on his/her reports, but potentially much further into the organization. Not everybody is in the enviable position of not needing the money to which their role is entitled.

Values gone awry? Bet there are lots of examples of unintended values-based mishaps....

Thanks for the comment!

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