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I couldn't agree with you more, Chuck. As a fellow CCP, compensation and benefits have always been my passion in the corporate world.

Last year I decided to "rattle the bars" of my professional cage and partner with someone who complements my skills with his highly regarded knowledge in financial advising. Today we are proud to be able to offer advice to companies that helps them to recruit and retain top talent. For professionals, innovative strategies like ours provide them with the necessary tools to build personal wealth for their retirement.

If I was fortunate enough to have a Compensation Specialist on my team, they would be highly valued.

As the Director of HR, having someone with this expertise would be amazing.

The work culture in the US seems to have the philosophy that when someone moves on too quickly, that something is wrong with them. When I explained to a compensation trainer of why I left the organization, he was very upset and thought that I should have stayed in the position regardless of the problem. When I was in the situation, a European compensation trainer had advised me to leave. I thought and considered what was important to my career and left. I doubt I would be where I am if I stayed and accepted status quo.

Culture is hard to change. I can change who I sell my service to if I though that my employer or HR leaders are not doing right by me. Somehow, that is very frowned upon. I think people forget, life is too short to suffer in a role where no one appreciates what you bring to the table or doesn't treat you right.

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