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I wonder if 'paying for performance' in any way is dead. Clearly it is gone in the public sector and generally replaced by programs focused on issues about the workplace that do not include linking the pay process to a viable solution to performance management. One of my friends who is a college professor is of the mind that 'Any form or recognizing performance differences with pay would be better than the direction we are now following'.

Food for thought I say. Perhaps rewarding performance differences with pay is gone forever. Anybody have a view on this????

Some companies are just adjusting salaries based on market movement then using a profit-sharing plan on top of that. (What goes around comes around. . . .).

How true that is. I have a feeling that much of the 'attacks' on paying for performance is rooted in a belief that 'nobody has the right to judge my value'. I don't think that 'profit sharing' is paying for results at the individual level. Times sometimes change for the worst as we all realize now I think.

I think there are several things going on:
1) more people working in groups on an almost constant basis --- whether one group or multiple ones throughout the year
2) the "new" focus on company performance and individuals encouraged to "do their part".

We'll see.

The 'working in groups' led to the implementation of many 'team-based variable pay plans' not long ago. In large part they worked with social pressure focused on getting individuals to contribute to group and overall organization goals. These declined however for what reason I don't know. They worked!!! The focus was on 'shared goals' and a lot of education and communication about why individuals should help achieve broader organizational and group goals.

"Doing your part" and "Enlightened self interest" are partners in the last comment you made. I am seeing a lot of 'me first' and 'you last' behavior which is troubling to be honest.

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