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Very interesting point about how this will create a natural experiment, although I suspect the devil in the details here will be in collecting the data. Who will be willing to share information, especially if their outcomes were less than favorable?

And of course, this whole shambolic mess is a further example (were any necessary) of what happens when the dead hand of government intrudes into the market.

Thanks, Tony. OK, in answer to your question, here are more predictions.

Angry negatively impacted victims of disruptive government intervention are the most likely to self-report. They can blame Big Brother for any disaster, thus providing a CYA excuse to shareholders and enabling finger-pointing for disgruntled employees.

Those happy with the pay changes (even if the mandate is cancelled) precipitated by their response to the original December 1 edict will also be eager to report ... to please the same groups. Shareholders must be convinced that this was Good for Dividends and employees will be propagandized that Management Does Right By You. Not many opportunities arise for such happy breast-thumping, so I'd bet they will be enthusiastic for the chance.

Of course, I'm not a successful gambler.

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