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In 1989, in response to our rising (self insured) medical costs, I proposed to my (then) VP of HR that we risk-rate medical insurance premiums based on behavioral and biometric indicators (BMI, smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol and a couple of other things I no longer remember).

He threw me out of his office and forced me out of the organization. So yeah, tell me about risk.

Wow, sounds like 30 years ago you worked for a real dinosaur. Seems like a rather harsh reaction to a proposal. I guess a simple NO! wouldn't do.

Without most of the normative objective baseline metrics to measure absolute progress, HR turns to relative surveys to convince doubtful top executives afraid to permit a misstep. Reliance on followership provides comfort to the insecure.

During a long-ago energy crisis, I recommended that the requirement for men to wear coats and ties at our Beverly Hills HQ should be suspended to allow higher working temperatures and lower air conditioning costs. That idea was rejected as unacceptable for a Fortune 50 firm. Let's all sing "Tradition!"

Only the CEO could get away with original thought, and even he had to fake it by commissioning studies to back up his gut feel. HR generally lacks such power.

This topic seemingly comes up again and again. Can anyone give me an axample of 'breaking new ground' in human resources where the 'break' was led by a human resource professional?

Do all the 'insecure' folks go into HR? Is that why we are the profession that champions 'followership'?

Did you know that WorldatWork is not giving out any "Keystone Awards"? These awards were for contributions to the "body of knowledge" or "Contributions of great merit" to our field.

Perhaps an award for "Blind Followership" could be ignited????

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