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Wonder if the effects of Title IX have not yet fully emerged in the workplace. Since 1972, women have been assured equal access to training in competitive programs that used to be restricted to men. If participation in team sports teaches effective competition in formal settings, one would expect women to have outgrown "the Marie Antoinette effect" by now. That's the "I've got mine and you are on your own" spirit that allegedly plagued prior generations of ambitious females unwilling to share their hard-won penetration of the glass ceiling. Dunno, but just thinkin' ...

Although Jim said it much more eloquently, I too was wondering the date of the study and the impact of the last 20 years on women's competitiveness. Even with the proliferation of females in sports, I do think the mentorship result would carry through from the sports field into the business world.

It has been said that women are gatherers who tend to band together (whether they share what's in their baskets or not, I think it is more likely) whereas men are the hunters who go it alone.

Of course as we change how women compete, we are also changing men into more collaborative, team oriented players right? Same study in 20 years would be interesting!

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