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This is great! It makes one wonder (Increasingly) about closing the gap between what we know and what we do. (The Knowing-Doing Gap) Since this is a 'pay' blog, for instance, findings like those Derek explored would normally cause wise leaders to move from a 'one size fits all' reward system to one that is customized to match the talent emphasis that makes them most effective.

Rather than looking inward to their organization, they gather information from surveys and apply the 'best practices' these surveys tell us about to design every human resource program they have.

The more 'good data' we uncover, it seems the more we design our human resource programs so the 'peanut butter' is spread evenly everywhere whether this makes sense or not.

Double-right! It's not just what people know, but how they are empowered to apply it by the organization. Those critical leverage positioning decisions are totally uniquely internal and should not be determined by the value systems of other unique employers. Consensus defines mediocrity. Be better, not less than or the same as others.

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