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Dan, you are the 'Energizer Bunny' working away and putting up some great stuff all the time. This 'series' of posts could make a 'super' e-book if you have not thought of that. I have enjoyed your contributions greatly.

This is my 'last intervention' to this blog. I believe it is time for me to congratulate you all for a wonderful contribution to the field and move on at last.

I will look in from time-to-time and cheer you all on with silent cheers going forward.

Thanks so much Jay! I can't tell you how much I appreciate that, especially coming from you. I was going to make my necxt post on this topic my last post in the series, but then I realized that some people may not like a "13 part" series. My guess it will be 14 when complete.

I may turn these, with a bit of connective narrative and a technical appendix, into an ebook. I think that this is an area that need more attention.

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