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Solid thoughts, Dan. Every company wants to employ the very best talent; and better performers cost more than lousy workers ... speaking generally, of course. The remuneration decision is made by the owners with their money (even at charities, foundations, etc.) per their vision. What right does any outsider have to "substitute their judgment for that of the parties"? That phrase was indelibly branded in my mind from my labor relations days both as a union member and management representative.

Do you give "too much" money as allowance to your little kids? Who says? And so what? Ours is a modern society where no private decision is protected from media attention and government activism. Sometimes that's good, but not always.

I think this article belongs on the op-ed page of the NY Times. Not that they'd publish it, but it might open the eyes of some of their readers.

Thanks Jim,

I understand both sides of the argument and the frustrations of those who support each side. But, the rules and regs put in place for exec pay are usually fairly crude attempts (a peanut butter approach) at dealing with a very nuanced topic.

I also think that people somehow believe that "public company" means the "public" gets to control or manage the company. While 401Ks and similar investment programs have put many more people into the market, they have done little to educate most people about their power or lack thereof.

Thanks Tony,

I think, like so many things, few in our country have the patience or attention span to really learn about this stuff. While it is fine that HR and compensation professionals read something like this that is fairly pithy and high-level, most people would cling to their already held beliefs.

It would be great of the New York Times, or some other publication, put some effort into this, or even one of the cables news channels. But, with everything right now being so black or white, the nuances would once again be lost.

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