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Good commentary, Chuck. Maybe cuz it matches what I said in my last book on the topic ;-)

While long-term career planning and current appraisal-period performance feedback are truly different topics which should properly be separated, the underlying issue of incompetent supervisors and flawed management systems taint both processes. As long as employers remain "human enterprises," they will suffer from age-old human frailties.

Good stuff Chuck, pragamtic and employee centered as always. Question is to me at least, is not so much performance equals reward rather its the application of that through PM ratings. Break that and you still have a great discission on overall performance andvreward....not pay for ratings. I am working with a company thats been on the no ratings but connect performance to reward track for last 3 years. Its hard work but does change the dynamic to great effect for employees and their managers. Whoa betide the manager that cannot talk both!

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