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What I find interesting is that in a small country where it seems the majority are already doing it “right”, whether by choice or by union design, the citizens or legislature still felt the need to create a legal enforcement to get the rest of the companies, with 25 or more people at least, in line.
Of course someone will now need to audit those companies doing the audit to be sure they are conducting it and making changes as needed. So they have now created jobs in both the private and public sector. It takes work to evaluate all the jobs in the first place let alone rate them and the individuals per an ISO standard. Please, we are hoping to reduce the burden on HR not to increase it. Society needs to want equality for all, because it’s not just women who might be paid less. But look at the recent example in the headlines: Wahlberg gets 1.5 million vs Williams 0 $. She immediately said she would do anything and did not ask for compensation while he or his team negotiated, because that’s what you do in business. I am sure Mark was floored that Michelle did not ask for more to do more work. The difference is human nature. When people start thinking about doing work for the benefit of the team, rather than as individuals, maybe we can make changes.

There needs to be a lot more cultural change as a society in the US before we are ready to close the gender gap in a meaningful way.

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