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There is already the ability to turn around surveys within at least a few weeks of closure. Survey data is necessarily old (>3mo) so that it falls within the DOJ Guidance.

Thanks, Ian.

I have actually seen demos of systems that can turn around data in days, nearly automatically. Survey data is a necessity, but it does not need to be used in the way that many companies currently use it. I suspect that in 2-3 years we will have multiple resources with very recent data and our landscape will change dramatically.

Hi Dan,

Ah just crunching the data yes. I was thinking about how long it takes to reach out, achieve contact and discuss the validity of data with participants.

I have had to go through automation tools that would not accept a secretary match that makes 250K a year, but sometimes secretary's make 250k a year and a conversation, in my opinion, is best the route to verify that.

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