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I can't help but think that there is some compensation version of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle or self-fulfilling prophesy at play in salary increase budgets. In our quest to know where the market is going, we turn to some market oracle to tell us "the market will increase by 3%" so then we drive our plans so that we have, on average, a 3% increase. If we didn't have the great oracles telling us what we should think that market was going to do, would that market increase at the same rate? I wonder.


Great comment and I have often thought the same thing and wondered about that same question. I imagine there are a number of areas of life where a phenomenon like this plays out.

It become more and more critical as compensation professionals we deep dive into our data and leverage our networks to unearth true changes in future compensation trends. Looking back is just playing catch up. Where is that next hot IT job headed? What is the newest function catching on we haven't even heard of much less have a job description or pricing for yet has blown up around us? In the age of data and mining, its our peer to peer relationships that will ultimately bring us all more success. So happy to be able to communicate and share with so many of us!

Thanks Katherine - great point and questions to consider. It isn't a one-size-fits-all world and the better we understand our own objectives and situation relative to "the market," the better we will do.

And yes - peer relationships are an invaluable source of market intelligence, support and ideas. Glad that we can play a small role in that connection!

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