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Good posting to tie some of this together. I particularly liked the guidance of Don't Be Wimpy - although I wasn't certain if that was a comment on compensation or a comment on life in general. Good insights as well on the apparent simplicity of making lemonade. Well, I digress.

When framing that original Time Is Money article, like Dan - I thought long and hard about the implications of time delay and the effects of temporal discounting on the delivery of equity compensation, particularly what I'll call "big ticket" executive equity compensation, and more specifically - long-term compensation plan provisions. Although I could find no information on this specifically, I did wonder whether that temporal discounting effect is pretty consistent, or if it was sensitive to magnitude (of the reward).

Back in 2016, while I openly speculated on the "cons" of $5,000 being "discounted" to the motivational effect equivalent of $1,000, I wondered about higher dollar values - although article length limited me from actually addressing the issue. But what if the original award was $500K or even $5M? Intuitively, I've got to believe there's an effect difference based on the magnitude of the reward - after all, you're receiving $5M, irrespective of possible "discounting" psychologically down to a measly $1,000,000.

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