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"I want fair pay" means "I want more money." Everyone wants to be paid exactly what they are worth, as long as it's more than they're getting.

Practical experience (and other research) tells us that:

1. employees are more sensitive to internal equity relationships than to external market competitive realities;

2. when people feel that they are being paid fairly, they are frequently being overpaid compared to objective measures of the external competitive marketplace; and

3. when workers cease to complain about unfair pay, they are generally extremely overpaid and reluctant to call management's attention to the fact.

A fun posting Joe. And probably more than a small iota of truth in that last statement (I'm reflecting mostly about myself . . .).

It's nice that Jim responded to this (from deep in the heart of Texas), because he reiterated a couple of points (almost verbatim) that he and I have discussed in the recent past. And Jim is too humble to highlight his personal efforts in developing something very similar - known in the discussion channels as Brennan's Laws (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxQ1vlrfGZxsZFd4MWZ5NEV4bmc).

Someone was nice enough to point out that apparently another immutable law (of human behavior) is my occasional inability to embed a properly working hyperlink. Here's the fix to hyperlink referenced above (which goes nowhere): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxQ1vlrfGZxsZFd4MWZ5NEV4bmc/view?usp=sharing

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