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No wonder Ann considers this to be a "classic."

I have experienced people who say, "we need a total rewards system that does all these things, works under all of these circumstances, has strong mechanisms to keep costs from spiraling out of control, has appropriate gates for different types of work ... oh, and it has to be simple so that any manager can explain it to any employee." Right.

As you've suggested, there is an inherent tradeoff between flexibility and complexity. The more flexible the system is intended to be, the more complexity has to exist "underneath the surface." (Just as the innards of a smart phone are orders of magnitude more complex than the rotary dial phone our grandparents used to lease from AT&T.)

Managers and executives who want the interface to be intuitive and easy to understand without also accepting the complexity have unrealistic expectations.

By the way, I get a 404 error when I try to access the link. Is there a different link?

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