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An important research survey, indeed, Ann. Thanks for bringing it forward for the community to consider. Like you, I see this as a growing effort/impact in the coming years. If we truly intend to enable, support and encourage diverse, inclusive workforces, cognitive diversity is an important consideration.

Thanks for the comment, Derek - much appreciated!


I couldn't help but have tears in my eyes reading your posting. Both my Mom and Dad struggled with dementia for many years prior to their deaths. It make me nervous for me and my kids. But that isn't what I am writing you about. May I have permission to use some of your text in a newsletter that we do for our clients. We are HR Answers, Inc. and have been doing a monthly email newsletter for them since 1986. Your style of writing connects with people and I know that they would find it illuminating.


Hi Judy,

Thanks for your kind response to and interest in the posting. There is a special connection that all children of parents with dementia share - So very many of us who have traveled unique paths with this disease and yet can empathize with the suffering it leaves in its wake.

Our criteria for reposting Compensation Cafe content are (1) Permission from me (site editor) and the post author (also me here), (2) That you identify the Compensation Cafe as the original source of the content, and (3) that you provide a link to our site. You have my permission if you can use the text in a manner consistent with the above.

Best to you and all the HR Answers staff!

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