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What? You mean the ophthamalic abbreviation O.S. doesn't actually stand for Obviously Sinister? Another misconception upended.

In some now downstream projects we had actually given weight to this left/right preconceived interpretation and toyed with some ideas to counter that human factors hard-wiring. The one idea we came up with didn't get much past the drawing board stage (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XXZHcgx05cM6sFlsi3t-PlR_H3RNXNex/view?usp=sharing), but we initially thought it had promise.

Like you, maybe it just needed to be recalibrated - but differently.

Different cultures where the writing goes not from left to right but down/up or right to left should have different cognitive behavioral responses, if you are correct ... as I suspect.

N.B. (Latin for "Note Bene" = "please note")
Those who studied Latin or other Romance languages should recognize the root words "dexter" = right and "sinister" = left. Any comparative value judgement associations developed later. Words do shape our thoughts.

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