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Clearly, if pizza was the main draw, its only because they haven't watched any reruns from your WorldatWork conference presentations!

I think I am most surprised by your anecdotal finding that these high school students had realistic salary expectations. Anecdotally, many college students seem to have unrealistic salary expectations, and so where/when do those expectations change? And why?

Yes, from a recent sidebar exchange, I know you've experienced a different "reality" with some of your newer employees (on salary expectations).

Admittedly, my audience (sample) size was pretty small - but I was totally gratified that the students had pretty accurate insights into what the labor market was paying, and there was a clear dichotomy of the "expectations" for the crew that were contemplating a technical career track versus the ones angling toward more non-technical disciplines.

Maybe colleges and universities have taken a more "activist" role in trying to inform/educate their students on what they should anticipate earning. We've heard whispers to that effect as more and more schools have worked hard(er) to justify (to the students AND parents) the costs (and resulting value) of a post-secondary education.

First. I will listen to you speak if you bring pizza and a cool video!

Second. My guess is high school students have more realistic expectations because they have not run up their student loans and calculated how it will take to pay them off!

I find that by the time they've had a couple of years of college their understanding of the NEED for money is quite different (even though the reality of what we pay hasn't changed in accordance with this new reality).

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