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No, you're not wrong.

I should have recognized this as a Brennan "Bring Back" article - only for all the fun recollections it inspired.

I'm reminded of being in the hinted-at situation, where a supervisor was either unwilling or incapable of dealing with an employee in our work unit - who was dragging us all "to the bottom of the pond". In that situation, we finally took it upon ourselves to conduct an "intervention" - which apparently successfully communicated that our co-worker's best future opportunities might just exist elsewhere.

Good observation that there's a two-way street going on, where all compensation is communication and the reciprocal feedback loop that all communications being compensation - is probably equally true. And I've already informally appended to that tagline, " . . . and all interventions are behavioral" - which is probably particularly true with any efforts at performance "shaping".

You are not wrong - not when you originally posted this, and not now. The failure to address shirkers, slackers, and other sluggards has a pernicious impact on teams, on talent, and on engagement.

In your post, you said "This article will focus on the second question, because the first deserves a complete post of its own."

Did that other "complete post" ever materialize?

Yes, but has not yet been resurrected for the current audience's edification. Send Ann angry notes. I'm sure she will give them appropriate weight. I eagerly anticipate her grumpy response.

Jim, Jim, Jim....

I somehow thought I'd already "classicisized" that one, but it appears not. Look for it soon! Thanks, Joe for the comments and gentle nudge - and to Chris for stopping by too!

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