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I vote that we go with feeding the eagles (and that comes from someone who flies with the sparrows . . .).

I thought this was a good article (including the predecessor article), particularly since I've read The Differentiated Workforce - and my organization has grudgingly acknowledged the need to make differential investments in our workforce (which I can assure is many, MANY times harder to do in government).

I got a laugh out of the sentence, "Many HR professionals have never learned that strategy is about differentiating products/services on the outside and resources (including people) on the inside.", not because I don't believe it's true - but because I suspect HR professionals are still coming to grips with this "harsh" reality.

Beyond the compensation aspects, I must say that other facets of the head-whacking resonated strongly with me. The ideas that having low turnover or being a place that employees love aren't ends unto themselves are still seen as outlandish in many settings.

So, given that people still seem to be missing the point Jacque, it may be time to put down the 2x4 and pick up an I-beam ...

Although the VP HR really wanted me as their comp consultant, the owners of the famous family business swiftly blew me off, saying, "We don't need a compensation consultant, because we have no turnover at all." As they showed me the door, I gave in to the impulse, turned and asked, "Did it ever occur to you to wonder WHY no one ever leaves?"

They looked at each other in shock. I left them with a smile. Before I went far, the Chairman rushed up, tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Do you ALWAYS have this much fun with your clients?" Responding, "I certainly try to," they became some of my most faithful clients for decades.

Fun to see the response to Jacque's Classic thoughts by this threesome. This is probably a topic ripe for further insight, expansion and 2x4-ing if anyone is so inclined! ;)

And Jim, I love that story....

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