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You are quite correct, Ann, about the fundamental reality that compensation varies according to the value the employer places on the role you play. This is true in every economic and political system, even in those cultures where the reward priorities seem odd to us.

Simultaneously but separately, people usually demonstrate their greatest competence doing what they enjoy doing the most. Ideal, if you can match both commercial vocation and personal avocation. Unfortunately, most societies place very little value in playing video games because it is a simple skill virtually anyone can master. (Sure ...)

Bottom line: find your strengths and build on them. What commercial applications exist for your talents, interests and likes? Any good counselor or even a standard vocational preference test will show the way.

No one ever prospered by following careers that contradicted their KSAs nor have many gone far wrong doing work that fills their life with joy. Many, however, end up only working for living wages while living for the unpaid activities of their off-work life time. The spend most of their waking hours doing unsatisfying work, and that's a waste.

Also beware of over-obsession with pay ... I've seen too many people follow short-term monetary priorities to the exclusion of all else until they find themselves so highly paid for work they hate that they can't afford to "go backwards" and earn less doing enjoyable work. Keep your options open!

Great advice, Jim - thanks for sharing it here!

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