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That's sounds suspiciously close to GIGO (garbage-in-garbage-out), Dan!

Great post - and a great reminder about where data comes from. To paraphrase Walt Kelly and Pogo, "We have met the data and it is us!"

Hi Joe

It's like hearing someone say "You can't eat Chinese food every day."

My answer is along the lines of: "What do they e4at in China every day?

Hi Joe,

In this case, garbage is in the eye of the beholder! Kind of like one of the swap meet pickers shows!

Another way to look at bias is this simple example.

A friend recently said to me "You can't eat Chinese food every day."

My response: "What do people in China do?"

If we know the bias or intent of the person gathering the data we may be able to extrapolate the real data as they apply to our own needs.

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