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Thanks, Chuck. For many humans, it usually takes the nudging (or pointed, plain-talk prodding, where necessary) of an outsider to admit that they have a problem. The outsider in this scenario often includes 'insiders' who are outside of comp-rewards-HR: employees, managers, senior management, board members, etc. These 'insiders' keep signaling in many ways: friendly, indirect, direct, soft, strident, fortissimo, fast, furious, frenetic, fortissimo, and/or frantic, etc., etc.

The non-insider 'outsiders' often include comp / reward consultants brought in to review and advise on options. How well they are able to do their job depends on the budget and scope of the engagement, quality and availability of data, access to sources of information and to people, etc. Sadly, sometimes the environment is super 'sensitive' and clients do NOT want consultants to speak directly and freely with some insiders. Who wants to open up another can of worms?

Sometimes the comp-rewards-HR people are aware of key problems and pushing for change, but facing resistance from, erm, the usual suspects.

Whatever the situation, the powers that be (including decision-makers in comp-rewards-HR) are less likely to be FULLY aware and to grasp the length, breath, and depth of their own problems, because as humans they are somewhere in the somewhat wide range of being in denial. ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’

Thanks again.

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