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Initially this was an intriguing idea, but not even Charlton Heston would have been tricked into this, a la Soylent Green.

This had an eerie ring of familiarity from stories my dad told me, when as a young boy - he could recall that his family hosted share croppers on land that they owned (and yes, they lived in The South). Even as a boy he observed that this arrangement seemed a little "iffy" for the share croppers, given uncertainty about the harvest and the magnitude of the original "debt" and the need to still be able to purchase the basics, along with seed and other essentials to make agriculture successful.

Lots of relevant parallels and sufficient that I'm not sure I want to be a higher education share cropper.

I was going to say that this sounded like indentured servitude to me ... but share croppers works, too. I wonder if it creates a disincentive to get a good paying job? (At least for 8 years ...)

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