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Absolutely, Ann!

As the Editor in Chief of CBR, I can say we are in a unique position to capitalize on our practitioner relationships and partnerships. We hope to become the go-to journal for academics seeking attention from the popular press and practitioners seeking academic publication.

Send me an email if you want to know more about our peer reviewed publication process.

Dr. Phil

Happy to provide a practical response if needed. May not be academic standard but certainly up to long career in intl. comp standard! :-) Pl refer to our blog and published articles on our site. Well done folks - great initiative.

Many thanks, Phil! I am excited to see where we can take this. Any readers interested in knowing more about the CBR publication process, please check in with Phil who is generously offering his time and guidance.

Hey thanks, Paul! I think practitioners with long career experience are exactly the folks that Phil hopes to engage in this initiative! Would you consider taking on a Five Question Interview? In addition to featuring it here, you could also either link to it or run it on your own blog. We'd love to have you involved.

Readers - the Human Well is a great resource - check it out at the link below.

Ann, I'm excited to see this project move forward. Looking forward to that first sip of caffeinated insight on Friday.

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