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Good article, which prompted some funny (but relevant) reminiscing.

Parking where I work can be a challenge, with employees sometimes seemingly having to park in Delaware and then walk to their desks (in Maryland). For ten years, I voluntarily surrendered my senior management parking pass, that (would have) allowed me to park "close" - and gave it my employees to use for a full month, as internal recognition of noteworthy performance in the prior month.

This worked well, because I picked the first recipient, but the subsequent recipient was required to be picked by each succeeding pass holder. There were a lot of repeat recipients over the years - and once or twice I did have to "intervene" and remind everyone that the pass wasn't supposed to just "rotate". Consequently, some folks never received the pass, but there was general agreement regarding the FQ (Fairness Quotient) of this.

At least a couple of folks were canny enough to realize and observe that besides just a means of conveying recognition, another goal of this peer approach was to reinforce on everyone . . . that doing performance evaluation can be "hard". Who knew?

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