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Thanks for a really interesting and insightful article Ann. As a UK based practitioner I regularly read Compensation Café and other US-centric compensation & benefits websites. In these the author usually expresses a belief that finding the right comp solution, shaped in just the right way can solve just about any workplace issue. I have found this belief in comp solutions as the obvious and only panacea to so many workplace challenges to be curiously US-centric and quite at odds with the opinion of European managers and reward professionals. Taking a more holistic view to identifying a solution, as you have prescribed in your article, is the way of analysing and solving problems that I and my fellow reward practitioners in the UK and Europe are required to operate.


Thanks for your comment. That is a really interesting observation. My experience is US limited, so I don't have the outside US exposure to either confirm or deny it. Could be a cultural thing. Could also be a really interesting blog post topic, if you were interested in doing a guest piece on it. Just saying. :)

Thanks for being a regular reader - we appreciate it!

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