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Thanks, Ann!

The term "fairness" in the context of compensation can elicit all sorts of interpretations! I recently came across a clever way that "fair" is used by the University of North Carolina System for compensation. The University System talks in terms of compensation based on "FAIR" pay factors:

- Financial resources available
- Appropriate Market Rate
- Internal Pay Alignment
- Required Competencies

By the way, regarding the gender issue in the response to Q4, I've had a new-hired woman tell me that she had been taught in college, that companies would axiomatically take advantage of women and give women less pay because they were women. Based on what she had been taught, she had assumed that what we were communicating to her wasn't the complete or fully accurate story. Such a viewpoint impedes pay communication, regardless of what is being transmitted.

Thanks Joe. Agree about fairness - pay fairness is a complicated, murky and highly personal thing. I like the UNC acronym. Clever.

Not surprised to hear what the female new hire shared with you. It probably makes pay communication an uphill climb in many situations. Not sure what we can do but follow Dow Scott's advice - fix our problems, clean the skeletons out of the closets and get ahead of the game by explaining to people truthfully how things work.

Appreciate the comments, as always!

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