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In this circumstance (https://www.compensationcafe.com/2014/09/holding-back-an-increase.html), the suspension of economic incentives was the key to producing an extremely positive behavioral change.

Supplying a negative consequence was the only thing that got through to the employee after every positive incentive had failed.

Thanks Jim - good (recently published) example!

Sheesh - my memory isn't what it used to be!

Your caveats remain valid, however, Ann.

People all have different motivations. What hits the "sweet spot" for one may leave another completely cold.

Some workers block out all negatives and only fixate on positives. Others coast on intrinsic satisfaction, ignoring all carrots and sticks. The majority enjoy positives and will flinch from negatives.

These are simply various reinforcement tools. Occasionally you need one tool more than another for the issue at hand.

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